Most likely you won’t need to install this addon - it will be installed as a dependency for some other addon.

Installing packages

Then run either:

pip install aldryn-reversion

or to install from the latest source tree:

pip install -e git+


This should also install django-reversion (which is required) into your env.

You’ll get the most benefit from aldryn-reversion if you’re using it with django CMS and django-parler. We’ll assume you have a django CMS (version 3.x) project up and running.

If you need to set up a new django CMS project, follow the instructions in the django CMS tutorial.

In this case django-parler should be installed as a dependency for django CMS.

Edit your INSTALLED_APPS to include the required applications:



reversion is required, but please check that it is included into INSTALLED_APPS only once, since it might be already there if you are using django CMS.

If you are planning to use the optional packages add them to INSTALLED_APPS too.


say something about what these optional packages are

Prepare the database and run

Now run python migrate to prepare the database for the new application, then python runserver.

For Aldryn users

If you are using any addon that relies on aldryn-reversion it means that you already have aldryn-reversion installed and configured.

If you are developing an Aldryn addon and want to use aldryn-reversion features in it, please refer to Apply Aldryn Reversion support